26 February 2022

On the 30th Anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide, we remember #Khojaly

victims with deep respect. The Khojaly genocide is one of the most tragic human catastrophes of the 20th century in Azerbaijan and the most heinous crimes of genocide committed against Azerbaijani civilian

population during Armenia’s war of aggression against Azerbaijan.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Karabakh conflict flared up in 1988. The conflict spans two timelines – the periods before and after the Khojaly genocide. The Khojaly genocide took place in the town

Khojaly on 26 February 1992.

In Khojaly, Armenian aggression towards Turks, especially Azerbaijani Turks was evident. Atrocious acts targeted civilians; it did not matter whether they were kids, elderly, women or pregnant women. The Armenian

forces showed no mercy as being a Turk was enough reason to be victimized.

The 366th guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the Soviet Union assisted Armenia to conquer Karabakh. The Khojaly genocide remains engraved forever in the memories of Azerbaijanis.

We will always remember the 613 civilians that died at the hands of merciless Armenian troops, 106 women, 63 children & 70 elderly  were killed, 487 were wounded, 1275 were taken hostage and 150 are still missing.

It is quite distasteful that a state that claimed genocide against its own people previously, would commit such atrocities Armenia shot down Khojaly’s helicopters, which were meant to rescue civilians and blockaded every aid route, thereby putting into proper perspective the real objective of the ear. Armenia intended erasing ethnic Azerbaijani Turks from a region that did not belong to Armenia historically and by international recognition.

Karabakh is recognized as part of Azerbaijan, a claim backed up by 4 United Nations Security Council Resolutions that demanded Armenia’s

immediate withdrawal of its forces from the region. Armenia’s puppet government that was dismantled with the victory of Karabakh war on the 10 November 2020, claimed sovereignty over the region.

Last year’s victory proved justice prevailed.

However, no lives lost in Khojaly in 1992 along with other massacres committed by the Armenian forces during the first Karabakh war could be replaced.

In 2020, Armenian forces bombed civilian infrastructure, which included Ganja, Barda and Mingechevir. This was proof once again that the goal of Armenian forces was to cause civilian casualties and target civilians.

Below are the disturbing images of the Khojaly genocide.

By Susan Novela, The Diplomatic Informer SA

The Khojaly Genocide Article was also published in the Pretoria News on

26 February 2022, by Susan Novela, The Diplomatic Informer SA

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