Welcome to “The Diplomatic Informer Magazine.” The Diplomatic Informer is a high end lifestyle, travel and tourism, cultural diversity, business economics, current affairs developments and global affairs publication targeting the niche Foreign Representatives in South Africa, such as the Embassies and High Commissions, Consulates and Consulate General, Honorary Consulates, Honorary Consulates-General, Honorary Consular, Liaison Office, Non-Resident Accreditation Missions and International Organisations as well as other expatriates communities residing in the Republic of South Africa.

This is a Go to Guide Magazine providing readers with everything they need to know about life style in South Africa, current events, travel and tourism, as well as being a quick reference for key information. Since 2014, the magazine has established itself within the diplomatic fraternity, reaching members of Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations, visiting dignitaries and their associates, trade offices and expatriates. This community represents a substantial, vibrant and affluent part of South African society.

The Diplomatic Informer provides information on all the key necessities and amenities such as schools, hospitals and household service providers, and entertainment, among others. Entertainment and life style content covers such areas as fashion, fine dining, shopping and cultural events.

The Magazine is also a guide to local and African tourism, hospitality and travel destinations, local & African products, services, business and investment opportunities. Furthermore, it covers South Africa’s private and government sector news and developments.

The greatest thing about the Diplomatic Informer is that it is uniquely South African, 100% Black woman owned and managed. Through competitions, special offerings and editorials the Diplomatic Informer provides the ideal platform to stimulate and provoke the interest of a very affluent society.