Our Content

1. Country Focus

a. The Republic of South Africa
b. All Countries with Foreign Missions based in South Africa
c. International Organisations based in South Africa
d. Giving the opportunity to let the Diplomat tell their story
e. Interesting life of Diplomats around Pretoria and South Africa

2. Travel and Tourism

a. South Africa National Tourism & Provincial Tourism, Tourism Marketing Associations & Agencies
b. Travel Destination Articles and Places of Interest around Pretoria and throughout South Africa and Africa, including interviews
c. Hotels and B&B’s
d. Things To Do
e. Wildlife
f. Museums
g. How To Get Around
h. Safety and Security

3. Business and Economics

a. Topical Issues article/s
b. Interviews with Newsmakers
c. Cost of Living Index
d. Key Economic Indicators
e. Useful links on Trade & Industry Organisations, Regional Chamber of Commerce, Foundations, NGO’s
f. Research and Policy
g. Top South African Companies

4. Fashion & Culture

a. Latest Developments on the Fashion Scene
b. Cultural Events
c. Sports

5. Fine Dining and Cuisine

a. Showcase Popular Eateries and Best Restaurants & Clubs
b. Food and Drinks Events Coverage
c. Entertainment

6. Lifestyle and Amenities

a. Residential Areas
b. Education
c. Shopping Malls
d. Medical Facilities and Services
e. Beauty
f. South Africa’s Transport Network
g. Latest Motor Vehicles
h. Insurance Facilities
i. Real Estate Agencies
j. Telecommunications
k. Police Services and Useful Numbers

7. Politics

a. Interviews with Newsmakers
b. Political Article/s on South African Developments in Government Sectors Members of Parliament, National and Local government Departments & Municipalities.
c. Country Facts (as in CIA fact-book style)
d. Useful Links

8. Technology Corner

a. Latest Technology and Developments in South Africa
b. Your Technology Service Providers

9. Diplomatic Humour

a. Diplomats Say and Do the Dandiest Things
b. Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations Including GPS Coordinates