19 January 2022

Dear compatriots! Dear countrymen!

There was a tough and dangerous test posed to our people at the beginning of 2022.

It is a fact that organized extremist groups have sparked widespread rioting in the country and carried out terrorist attacks.

There was human cost from these attacks causing civilian casualties and suffering.

I express my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy.

Terrorists pose a threat to our country and our sovereignty, our peace and integrity, that deprives us of our prosperity.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has taken prompt actions that ensured that the foundations of our country will not collapse.

It is a civic duty of all of us to extend our support to the head of the state.

It [what happened] is something that we should draw lessons from and we must do everything to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Our ancestors have longed for what we have accomplished in 30 years of Independence.

Kazakhstan stands as a well-established country in the world. Our vast borders are completely secure.

We have carried out core reforms in the country to become a leader in Central Asia.

A new capital has emerged in the heart of Eurasia, and in the heart of Saryarka.

None of these enemies are tough enough to break the unity of our country.

Dear Kazakhstanis! Dear compatriots!

January’s events shocked all of Kazakhstan. These organized riots and attacks on Kazakhstan were purposefully aimed at destroying the integrity of the country and the foundations of the state.

What happened has demonstrated again that we must treasure our independence, that it is fragile and requires special care.

The tragedy is a bitter lesson for all of us. It is extremely important to identify who stands behind all these riots and murders. The current investigation will answer those questions.

I extend my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and wish those injured a speedy recovery.

In response to numerous appeals addressed to me, and in connection with publications in the media, I am once more informing you that in 2019 I delegated Presidential powers to Kassym- Jomart Tokayev and since then I have been a pensioner on a deserved rest, staying in the capital of Kazakhstan and not going anywhere.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has full power. He is the Chairman of the Security Council. Soon, the President will be elected Chairman of the Nur Otan party. There is no conflict or confrontation in the elite. All speculations around it are just baseless rumors.

Everyone knows that for 30 years I have worked tirelessly for the sake of our Motherland.

We have strengthened the country’s borders. We have been carrying out progressive reforms.

Together we have built an independent Kazakhstan, achieved great results in social and economic development, become a leader not only in Central Asia, but also in the CIS area.

Kazakhstan has become a recognized and credible state in the world. That we have benefited from solidarity and unity of all people of Kazakhstan.

Stability and peace in the country have always been my first priority. We all must cherish these enduring values. We will definitely get through the crisis and will become even stronger.

The President has put forward a new reform programme aimed at improving the welfare of the people. This programme needs to be supported.

I wish you, dear compatriots, health and prosperity!

I thank you for your support towards the reform and modernization policy I pursued as head of the state.

The Diplomatic Informer
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