Ambassadors of Bulgaria and Romania in Pretoria jointly hosted a celebration dedicated to “Heritage Month” in South Africa

Photo: (L-R) Ambassador of Romania Monica Sitaru and Ambassador of Bulgaria Maria Tzotzorkova


hoto:”Princess of Africa”, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, South African Singer

2 October 2022

On Wednesday 28 Sept, Ambassador of Bulgaria Maria Tzotzorkova and Ambassador of Romania Monica Sitaru, jointly hosted a women event in Pretoria, in Celebration of South Africa’s Heritage and its Diverse Cultures. The event was held at the Bulgarian Ambassador’s residence in Pretoria.

The Representatives of the South African Government, their Excellences Female Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited in Pretoria, members of the Diplomatic staff, representatives of the Bulgarian diaspora, business women, academia, civil society and the legendary “Princess of Africa”, Yvonne Chaka Chaka a South African singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, humanitarian and teacher, who has been at the forefront of South African popular music for 35 years and has been popular in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Gabon, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast, attended the auspicious event.

In her remarks, Ambassador Maria Tzotzorkova highlighted the significance of the heritage celebration for the South African people and its unifying function for national identity. Ambassador Tzotzorkova went on to say, “the role of women who were at the forefront of the struggle to reject apartheid and who, like women in Europe, are now driving positive social changes, economic prosperity and the fight against inequalities”.

In her speech, Ambassador of Romania Monica Sitaru thanked the women for attending the event to celebrate together and to celebrate the women’s perspective of Culture, Heritage and Diversity. Our countries Romania and Bulgaria are neighbours and friends. Maria and I are very good colleagues and friends and all of you being here as good friends make me so grateful and happy. “We are here today to celebrate South Africa’s roots, its rich, vibrant and diverse cultures, it is not a coincidence that South Africa is called Rainbow Nation” said Ambassador Monica.

Addressing the guests “Princess of Africa”, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, emphasized on the importance of addressing challenges facing women, such as domestic violence and social exclusion. “In order to overcome the challenges, one should start with the right upbringing in the family,” said Chaka Chaka.

The beautiful performances of a string quintet flowing with the clear, sweet tone led by violinist Mr. Tsepo Komane contributed to the celebratory mood of the attendees.

We at The Diplomatic Informer Magazine understands the role women play in cultures, diversity and their empowerment. Cultures are beautiful and fascinating, and everyone loves to exhibit their culture to the world.















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