7 April 2022

Nobel laureates, global innovators, world experts in science and business will share their knowledge with young people at the IV Nobel Fest – the world’s first Meta-Forum, which will be held from April 12 to 22, 2022.
Nobel laureates will give special lectures at the IV Nobel Festival, which will be held from April 12 to 22 in the Metaverse Phenom Metaverse (Phenom Metaverse – virtual 3D space).
The Nobel Festival is the largest international technological, scientific and educational event, which annually attracts more than 10 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 winners of the Breakthrough Prize, world innovators, 500 universities, 500,000 participants from 155 countries.

World experts, science stars and business repsentatives will share their unique knowledge at the festival, including:
● Jose Manuel Barroso, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President of the European Commission (2004-2014), former Prime Minister of Portugal,
● Robot Sofia, the most famous humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, developed by Hanson Robotics and granted Saudi Arabia citizenship,
● George Church, the father of synthetic biology, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, the most influential geneticist of our time, who discovered a way to store all the information about our lives in DNA,
● Jonathan Medved, father of Israel’s Silicon Valley, CEO of Jerusalem-based global investment platform OurCrowd and many others.
Moreover, from April 18 to 22, a week of Nobel lectures will be held within the framework of the Nobel Festival, which will give a unique opportunity to listen to lectures by 15 Nobel Prize laureates and winners of the Breakthrough Prize, including:
● Takaaki Kajita, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, whose discovery marked the beginning of the creation of powerful quantum computers,
● Rae Kwon Chung, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change, Honorary Professor at Incheon National University,
● Robert Langer, winner of the award for “Breakthrough” in medicine in 2014, the star of American biotech and the creator of successful companies,
All students and participants of the Nobel Fest will receive a free certificate of participation.
The main gift for all participants of the festival will be a week of free classes on the best course in the world on innovation from Harvard University Professor Dr. Vivek Vadhva.
Exponential Innovation is the world’s best course on new technologies and Industry 4.0., which is taught at Ivy League universities and is a guide to the latest technological changes, future innovation trends and the construction of innovative startups with billions of turnover.

The course is available at the link
To get to the virtual venue of the IV Nobel Fest, you need to download the mobile app Phenom Metaverse in the App Store or Google Play.
Registration for the Nobel Fest is open on the website:
The partners of the Nobel Fest are Coca-Cola company, Auezov University, Seifullin University, AQ group innovative corporation, Chevron corporation.
Contact person: Darina Sembay, Press service of the Nobel Fest,, Instagram: @nobel_fest.

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