26 February 2022

Kuwait National Day is celebrated on 25 February each year. This date marks Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah’s ascension to the throne of Kuwait in 1950.

This date also marks Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah’s death in 1965. In an effort to compete with the Ottoman Empire, he sought to modernise Kuwait.

Originally a fishing village, the nation has become an active voice for cooperation in the region and internationally.

Located in the northern Arabian Gulf, Kuwait gained independence from its status as a British Protectorate in June of 1961. Two years later, to avoid the extreme June heat, the government moved National Day to February 25th.

Also established in 1961 was the country’s modern flag with its pan-Arab colors of red, black, green, and white, as depicted in the Doodle artwork. In 2019, Kuwait set a world record for the longest flag at a whopping 2019 meters.

National Day festivities often include fireworks, concerts, and music. Many locals show their national pride by donning traditional clothing, spending the day visiting Messilah Beach, or sharing the country’s national dish, machboos, with friends and family.

Happy National Day, Kuwait!

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