7 March 2022

The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr. Alvin Botes, arrived in Oslo, Norway, at the invitation of the Norwegian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Henrik Thune.

The two delegations will take part in Political Consultations aimed at strengthening cooperation between South Africa and Norway.

Relations between South Africa and Norway are founded on strong Nordic support and solidarity during the struggle for freedom in South Africa. These relations are based on mutually shared values of democracy, equality and social justice, as well as mutually beneficial bilateral economic trade and cooperation.

Bilateral relations continue to expand and intensify, and the two countries co-operate on regional and multilateral issues of mutual concern.

The Deputy Minister also held consultations with Mr. Halvard Ingebrigtsen, Norwegian Secretary of State to the Minister of Trade and Fisheries, and visited the Nobel Peace Centre for a roundtable discussion with the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) on South Africa’s Foreign Policy and Peace and Security.

Deputy Minister Botes’ delegation participated in a business seminar hosted by the Norwegian-Africa Business Association, with a focus on green energy and South African investment opportunities in this field and had an opportunity to promote South Africa as an investment destination.

As part of the official visit to Norway 🇳🇴, Deputy Minister Alvin Botes visited the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs where he attended a seminar and held discussions pertaining to South Africa´s 🇿🇦 positioning on different peace and security issues.

The seminar explored what defines and shapes South Africa´s relationship with Norway to date and beyond, as well as focussed on South Africa´s major priorities in current global affairs, including, Climate Change, the #COVID19 pandemic.

The discussions further looked at South Africa’s positioning in the changing global order in relation to its interactions with other powers such as Europe, China, Russia and the US.

The conversation centred on peace and security challenges facing the Southern African region such as violent extremist activity in Cabo Delgado, which resulted in the deployment of a Southern African Development Community (#SADC) operation to Mozambique.

The session was moderated by Dr Andrew E. Yaw Tchie, Senior Research Fellow at NUPI.

📸 Katlholo Maifadi (DIRCO)


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