Tourism has the incredible power to advance prosperity and drive sustainable development

3 September 2022

Tourism has the incredible power and potential to advance prosperity and drive inclusive, sustainable development.

Sri Lanka is a popular island destination with serene beaches, timeless ruins,  famous tea, flavourful food and welcoming people. It is also has many hidden treasures across the provinces that can increase visitors and enhance tourism income.

Now, Sri Lanka’s 🇱🇰 tourism sector has been subject to a series of challenges but is at a critical juncture to leverage the current crisis to bounce back towards a greener, sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism offering outlines the country’s pathway to green development.

Together with European Union in Sri Lanka and the Maldives  and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, we are supporting the #TransformingTourism initiative to train tour guides and spotlight hidden tourist destinations specially in the Central Province of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰:

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