On 11 November Turkish Ambassador, Her Excellency Ms Ayşegül Kandaş together with the representatives of the diplomatic corps, civil society, the Olivenhoutbosch community, the management and learners of Shesegon Secondary School in Olivenhoutbosch, Johannesburg planted trees at the ‘Yunus Emre Friendly and Memorial Forest’ in a public park area of Shesegon Secondary School in Olivenhoutbosch.

UNESCO designated 2021 as the year of Yunus Emre in reference to the 700th anniversary of Yunus Emre’s demise. The Turkish Ambassador,  diplomats,   Johannesburg Yunus Emre, civil society and learners dedicated the tree-planting day event to the 700th anniversary and ‘Yunus Emre Friendly and Memorial Forest’ was planted in a public park area of Shesegon Secondary School in Olivenhoutbosch.

Princess Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela the granddaughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela,  the daughter of Prince Thumbuzani of Swaziland and Princess Zenani Mandela and Ambassador Kanat Tumysh of Kazakhstan to South Africa also joined the Tree Planting Day Program

In her remarks Turkish Ambassador Her Excellency Ms Ayşegül Kandaş said ” November 11 was declared as the National   “Afforestation Day” through a Presidential Decree. The aim was to see the state and citizens planting trees all over Turkey every year on November 11 at 11.11, with the target of planting a total of 7 billion saplings by end 2023. Thus planting 3 saplings for each citizen.

Ambassador said “until the end of this year the aim is to plant 21 million  815 thousand trees in Mugla”, one of the cities that lost many hectares of forest land due to the horrible fires of the past summer in Turkey.

Ambassador Ayşegül Kandaş encouraged the learners to take good care of trees, forests and the beautiful land and to plant at least 1 tree during the course of their lives as well as encouraged the learners to visit Turkey and see the forest.

In closing Ambassador Ayşegül Kandaş ended with a quote from a famous Turkish Poet Nazim Hikmet:
To live! Like a tree alone and free
Like a forest in brotherhood

The ‘Yunus Emre Friendly and Memorial Forest’  forms a comfortable oasis of calm for peace, safety, tranquility and happiness in the public park of the Shesegon Secondary School, corresponding to the growth of environmental awareness and the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,”

By: The Diplomatic Informer Magazine SA

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