World Arabic Language Day

18 December 2022

Arabic is a language that brings together people from various cultural, ethnical, religious and social backgrounds. Arabic served as the language through which the Arabs contributed to human civilization.

The Arabic language is one of the pillars of the cultural diversity of humanity. It is one of the most widespread and used languages ​​in the world, as it is spoken daily by more than 400 million people on Earth.

The history of the Arabic language is full of evidence that shows the many and close links that link it to a number of other world languages, as the Arabic language was a catalyst for the production and dissemination of knowledge, and helped transfer Greek and Roman scientific and philosophical knowledge to Europe during the Renaissance.

World Arabic Language Day was first celebrated in 2012. Each year on 18 December UNESCO commemorates World Arabic Language Day, highlighting Arabic’s legacy and immense contribution to humanity.

This year’s theme is “The Contribution of the Arabic Language to Human Civilization and Culture”. The numerous contributions of Arabic to humanity as well as to knowledge production is better appreciated when Arabic language is examined within the context of its role in history. Although not many people, either out of ignorance or sheer phobia for the language and its speakers, associate Arabic language or Arab scholars with the early beginnings of science, the contribution of Arab philosophers made mainly through Arabic language to the development of science, medicine, mathematics and literature through ages is so huge to be ignored.
Happy #WorldArabicLanguageDay

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