Malawian Zulus, called “Ngoni.” They speak and practice Zulu language and culture and trace their origins to KwaZulu Natal. We all know of Ndebele People (Zimbabwean Zulus), but Zulus are found throughout East Africa, in countries like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, even as far as Tanzania. 

The Malawian Zulus/Ngoni, claim to have descended from Zulu exiles who fled Shaka KaSenzangakhona during The Zulu-Wars, also called the “Mfecane Period.”

The Zulus in Malawi were led by two leaders Ngwane Maseko and are settled in central Malawi (Ntcheu, Neno, Balaka, Mwanza and Dedza districts, as well as Bvumbwe in Thyolo district- others in Mocambique Thete region) and the other group was led by Zwangendaba and settled in Northern Malawi (Mzimba district- they have spread to Zambia too).

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