Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Pretoria Celebrates 51st National Day


By Susan Novela
3 December 2022

On 2nd December 2022, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Pretoria celebrated the 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. His Excellency Ambassador Mahash Saeed
Alhameli of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of South Africa hosted Representatives of the South African Government, members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Pretoria, business, civil society and Emiratis leaving in South Africa.

The event honoured the nation’s remarkable progress since its founding in 1971.
Ambassador Mahash Saeed Alhameli, in his welcome address to over 400 guests, paid tribute to the significant achievements of the young and ambitious nation, noting that “no country is moving further or
faster than the UAE.”
Ambassador Mahash highlighted the UAE’s efforts to enhance economic growth and attract global talent.

He emphasized how the UAE continues to build upon the success and increase cooperation between the UAE, South Africa and Africa, the opening of the interfaith Abrahamic Family House
in Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s continued climate leadership as the host of COP28 later next year.

Ambassador Mahash said “For 51 years, our country has navigated the challenges of a difficult region, and helped our neighbourhood become more secure, prosperous, and inclusive. Within this context, South Africa remains our most important partner. Our relations with South Africa are cordial, and are based on mutual respect and solid partnerships, and we believe that our bilateral relationship is much stronger than ever.”

UAE National Day is a symbol of unity, a time for Emiratis and all
nations that call this land their home to stand together and celebrate The Spirit of The Union. Also known as ‘Al-Eid Al Watani’, National Day is celebrated on December 2nd each year.

On this day, back in 1971, UAE’s formal nationalisation came into being, when rulers of the emirates gathered to sign a unification agreement that would bring the separate states into one unique, thriving nation we call the United Arab Emirates. For many UAE provides endless inspiration
about the Emirati culture, which up to this day is leading by example as a culture of great tolerance and acceptance. UAE has always welcomed foreign influences with warmth and without any reservations, said
Ambassador Mahash Al-Hameli.

Ambassador Al-Hameli expressed his profound gratitude to all who attended the celebrations.


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