The Diplomatic Informer Magazine SA wishes to congratulate Jordan on the occasion of the National Day and wishes the Government and the people of Jordan Peace, Unity and Prosperity.

The independence of Jordan came as a result of the London Treaty signed by Emir Abdullah and the British Government. The treaty was signed on 22 May 1946 and was ratified by the Jordanian parliament later on.

Following World War I, the Hashemite Army of the Great Arab Revolt, took over and secured present-day Jordan. The revolt was launched by the Hashemites and led by Sharif Hussein of Mecca against the Ottoman Empire. The revolt was supported by the Allies of World War I including Britain and France.

Emir Abdullāh and the British negotiation about independence, the treaty was signed on March 22, 1946, it took two years for Jordan to be fully independent, in March 1948, Jordan signed it Britain another treaty in which all restrictions on sovereignty were removed for Jordan to be fully independent.

Jordan became a full member of the United Nations and the Arab League in December 1955. Following independence, Jordan established its parliament in 1952 consisting of two houses, the senate and the house of representatives.

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