Qatar Congratulates South Africa on Human Rights Day

By all means, the Human Rights Day in the friendly Republic of South Africa that is annually observed on 21 March is cherished with fond memories by all citizens of the Republic of South Africa, as well as all peace-loving people in the world who wanted humankind to live in dignity and freedom, safe from all kinds of injustice, abuse and oppression. Undoubtedly, human rights issues became global in scope, indeed. The famously Sharpeville massacre where 69 were killed during the protest against the rule of Apartheid, triggered the UN General Assembly to decide on a global motion in 1966 by adopting International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, as an international day with significant connotations.

Emphasis have been placed on the solid established relationship of elders and founders of modernity and human development path, both by His Highness Father Amir  Sheikh Hamad  bin khalifa Al-  Thani and the world’s most famous freedom fighter – former South African President Nelson Mandela. They represent example in standing up by defending and promoting human rights globally. Qatar fought to help the nation of South Africa against apartheid at the UN bodies. Therefore, today the State of Qatar and the Republic of South Africa are in the lead towards peacekeeping, preventive diplomacy and mediation, which are cost-effective tools of saving lives and protecting people’s rights. The State of Qatar continues to develop further this visionary strategy under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani who adopted various steps to achieve Sustainable Human Development in the country. One of these steps is the political participation for all Qatari citizens in governing Qatar’s future. This policy derives from our culture including the Islamic religion and customs. Qatar established the National  Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Human Development Civil Society organizations and granted Human Rights  for all in the Qatari constitution. Qatar also substantiated Human Rights as integral sectoral component in the Qatar National Vision 2030 and opened a representation office for  the International Labour Organization in Doha to assist and protect the rights of over 1.5 million workers in Qatar. His Highness the Amir did not forget to thank them at the UN General Assembly High Level Dialogue, for their participation in Qatar Development Strategy, including the 5000 South Africans living in Qatar.

Again, I extend Qatar’s congratulations to the Government and people of the friendly Republic of South Africa on the celebration of Human Rights Day, our sincere wishes go to H. E. President Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, for continued health and to all South Africans for further progress and prosperity.

Tariq Ali Faraj Al-Ansari Ambassador of the State of Qatar Pretoria – Republic of South Africa